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The Original Lint Remover™

The Original Lint Remover™

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The dawgzandcatz™ Lint Remover is a versatile tool that effectively removes lint and pet hair from a variety of surfaces, including carpets, rugs, clothing, furniture, bedding, backpacks, and more. It is suitable for use on all non-knit fabrics and can even be used directly on pets for quick and easy grooming.

It's a real money saver

Did you know that over 78% of clothing and fabrics with lint are discarded? The dawgzandcatz™ Lint Remover can help you save money by restoring old rugs, bedding, and clothing. Plus, you'll never have to waste money on endless sticky lint paper that is non-recyclable. With our tool, you can revive your clothes, rugs, furniture, and fabrics to their original condition and give them a fresh, new look.

Easy, Convenient, and Cost-Effective!

the Dawgzandcatz™ Lint Remover - the ultimate hassle-free tool for removing lint and pet hair. With zero preparation required, you can start using it in less than three seconds after opening the package. What's more, it doesn't require refills or batteries, making it a one-time purchase with no recurring monthly costs. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constantly replacing refills or the hassle of keeping batteries charged. Enjoy effortless lint removal with the Dawgzandcatz™ Lint Remover.


Say Good Bye To Sticky Rollers

Unlike sticky rolls, the dawgzandcatz™ lint remover lasts much longer and catches eight times more hair


Frequently asked questions

What types of fabrics is the tool suitable for?

It works on all non-knitted fabrics such as those used for clothing, carpets, bags, sheets, and more.

Will the MagicPaws™ brush damage the fabric?

No, the brush is specially designed not to cause any damage to the fabric.

Does the tool work for human hair?

Yes, it can remove human hair.

Is the tool effective for short hair?

Yes, it works for short hair as well.

Can I use the tool on my pets?

Yes, the tool is safe to use on pets and can effectively remove pet hair.

Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee assures you of our confidence in the quality of our product. We are certain that you will love it, but in case you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product within 14 days of receipt for a full refund without any hassle or discussion. For more information on our Refund Policy, please refer to our website. Buy with confidence, knowing that there is no risk involved.

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